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NEVER put your life in another person’s hands.

Here’s just some of what we’ll teach you:

  • Strategic Mindset: Learn to predict and prevent dangerous situations before they occur.
  • Physical Readiness: Achieve peak physical condition to overpower threats without hesitation.
  • Tactical Skills: From disarming an intruder to escaping an abduction, your actions will become instinctively effective.
  • Mental Resilience: Overcome fear and anxiety with the confidence that comes from superior preparation.

Imagine standing fearless, prepared, and in complete control, no matter the threat. That’s not just a promise – it’s your new reality with Lethal U.

Don’t wait for help. BE THE HELP!

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Meet Your Instructor

Joe Malone

Former Special Operations Marine | Lethal Lifestyle Coach | Certified Protection Professional | NRA Firearms Instructor | Founder of Lethal U

Hey, I’m Joe Malone…

I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to this very moment, living in it, experiencing it, and now, I want to bring all I have learned to everyone.

I don’t ever want someone to be standing by and feel helpless.

I’m a former Special Operations Marine and the founder of The Lethality University, “Lethal U”.
I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring that no one ever feels powerless in critical situations.

With our comprehensive training, you can quickly and easily acquire not only the skills needed to save a life, but…

You’ll become the person who saves lives!

How We Transform People From Powerless to Powerful

What You’ll Learn Inside:

Understanding Basic Home Defense

Dive deep into the essentials of home defense, focusing on the critical role of detection. Learn to identify potential threats through noise registration and observe changes in your environment. This module equips you with foundational skills to enhance the security and safety of your home, teaching you how to effectively discover and assess risks before they escalate.

Delay and Defend

Master the four pillars of Home Defense: Deter, Detect, Delay, Defend, which form the backbone of a robust defense strategy. This module will teach you how to not only delay potential threats but also defend your premises effectively by making strategic decisions that deter criminal activity, considering factors like escape routes.

Understanding The Criminal Mindset

Gain insights into how criminals think and operate during the Criminal Decision Making Process (CDMP). Learn key tactics like casing, where criminals visually assess a target for vulnerabilities, and probing, where they test these vulnerabilities discreetly. This module empowers you to think like a criminal to better defend your space, highlighting strategies to deter and prevent criminal activities by understanding what criminals look for in a potential target – such as escape routes, valuable items, and security weaknesses.

The 6 Phases of Home Invasion & Burglary

This module delves into the minds of criminals during home invasions and burglaries, examining the four key questions they consider: Is there anything I want to steal or take? Can I get away with it? Do I have the resources and tools needed? How much more intel can I gather before taking action? Understand the phases of a typical home invasion – The Reconnaissance, The Planning, The Breach, The Assault, The Theft, The Escape – and how to apply the four pillars of home defense: Deter, Detect, Delay, Defend. Learn the distinct legal definitions and implications of home invasion, burglary, and robbery, enabling you to better prepare and protect your home from such threats.

Home Defense Strategies

Explore the essential strategies and structures of effective home defense in this module. Learn about the four pillars of home defense: Lock, Alarm, Light, Call, which are critical in creating a secure environment. Dive deeper into the concept of “Defense in Layers,” a strategy that involves the deployment of multiple, mutually supportive security measures. Understand why this approach is vital, as it ensures redundancy – if one layer fails, others stand ready to protect. We’ll cover practical applications, such as the strategic deployment of security cameras with overlapping coverage to eliminate blind spots and how combining various security layers, like motion sensors with lighting and camera alerts, creates an integrated defense system that significantly enhances the security of your home.

Defending Against Burglary

In this critical module, we address every homeowner’s worst fear: encountering a burglary upon arriving home. Learn the “Pass by” tactic, an essential safety procedure that involves assessing the situation from a distance before taking action. Through detailed demonstrations and explanations, understand the safest and most effective ways to respond if you suspect your home is being burgled. This module equips you with the knowledge to handle this terrifying scenario calmly and strategically, ensuring you maintain safety while minimizing risk.

How to Handle a Midnight Break-In

This module addresses the harrowing experience of a midnight break-in, providing a step-by-step guide on how to handle such a high-stress situation effectively. Learn your immediate courses of action to ensure safety, including the utilization of your home’s security features and the strategic placement within your residence. This module also outlines the Family Emergency Response Plan (FERP), detailing roles and actions for each family member, from calling 911 to securing children and establishing a safe zone (FSZ). We’ll cover crucial decision-making processes under pressure, such as how to engage with intruders, when to hold your position, and how to communicate with law enforcement upon their arrival to ensure your actions are clearly understood and legally protected.

Defending Against Peeping Tom

This module teaches how to respond effectively to a Peeping Tom scenario, emphasizing legal and safe responses. Learn how to use non-lethal means such as lights and verbal warnings to deter the intruder while activating your Family Emergency Response Plan (FERP). Detailed instructions will cover how to coordinate with your family to ensure safety, use surveillance to confirm threats, and interact with law enforcement effectively.

Dealing With Unwelcome Visitor on the Lawn

Learn effective strategies to handle unexpected trespassers safely. This module covers initial responses like calling the police and gathering evidence without escalating the situation. You’ll learn to use verbal warnings, non-lethal deterrents, and how to coordinate safely with family members through the Family Emergency Response Plan (FERP). Guidance on legal precautions and communicating effectively with law enforcement is also provided.

Home Invasion and Family Hostage Situation

This module provides crucial tactics for handling a home invasion when family members are potentially held hostage. Learn how to assess the situation safely from a distance, use strategic communication to potentially disorient intruders, and implement safe entry tactics if necessary. We’ll also cover securing entry points, safely clearing rooms, and coordinating with law enforcement upon their arrival. Training emphasizes maintaining control, minimizing risk, and prioritizing the safety of all family members throughout the ordeal.

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