Essential Membership


Access to The Lethality University Network Community

  • Like-minded network of people
  • Access to training and major gun sales

Self-Defense Liability Insurance

  • Coverage up to $2,000,000 for claims expenses and damages
  • Coverage up to $250,000 for defense expenses

Bail Bond Funding

  • Assistance with bail bond fees up to $50,000

Legal Advice Hotline

  • 24/7 access to legal professionals for guidance on self-defense laws

Compensation While in Court

  • Up to $750 a day in financial support to compensate for lost wages during court appearances

Expert Witness Coordination

  • Access to expert witnesses to support your defense in court

Immediate Attorney Retainer

  • Provision of funds for an attorney retainer to ensure legal representation from the start of your case

Costs When Your Home is Inhabitable

  • Costs of meals up to $25 per day per family member for each family member
  • Additional costs for fuel due to increased travel distances
  • Rent or other charges or fees incurred for temporary living quarters
  • Temporary storage costs

Concealed Carry Magazine Subscription

  • Access to the current issues
  • Digital access to five years of past issues

24/7 Critical Response Team Access

  • Immediate access to a dedicated team in case of a self-defense incident

Free Shipping

  • Free shipping on purchases from our USCCA partner store

Discounts from JM Training Industry Partners

  • Special deals and discounts with various industry partners

New Training Added Every Month

  • Regular updates with new training materials and resources

Guides, eBooks, and Checklists

  • Access to over 40 guides, eBooks, and checklists with valuable self-defense and firearms information

Free Entry to the Annual Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo

  • Free entry to the annual USCCA expo featuring training classes, firearm exhibits, and product demonstrations

Friends & Family Training Discounts

  • In-person 15% off all JM Training
  • In-person Unlimited use of 15% Promo Code for the member only
  • In-person Unlimited use of 10% off Friends & Family Promo Code

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